Purpose & Beliefs

Our Mission is to be the Church based on the Great Commission passage found in Matthew 28:18-20. Of all the things Christ could have said prior to His leaving earth, He chose to challenge us to BE THE CHURCH. When we do what we are called to do and be who we are called to be, our mission will be successful.

We seek to attract people who personally know and worship the risen Christ, who are building meaningful relationships with fellow Christians, who are becoming fully mature disciples, and who are making Him known by using their spiritual gifts in and through the church to impact their lost world for Christ.

Our Purpose…

God gave the local church a specific purpose; to be the church, we are very careful not to do things that are not part of His plan for us as believers.  We are to be different. Our actions will be a reflection of that difference. In all we do, we ask the question: Does it support our five purposes?


PurposePg_WorshipImgTo know Christ better by providing times of genuine worship that will bring seekers and believers to personally encounter God.


PurposePg_FellowshipImgTo know Christ by involving people in Bible Study Groups where they will build meaningful friendships, minister to each other, and become grounded in God’s Word.


PurposePg_DiscipleImgTo know Christ by growing mature disciples who are becoming involved in maturing opportunities which help them to develop spiritual disciplines, deepen their understanding of Biblical truths, acquire life skills, & encounter
Christ’s healing love.


PurposePg_MinistryImgTo make Christ known by helping believers discover and develop their spiritual gifts and talents, thereby using them in meaningful service to and through the church.


PurposePg_EvangImgTo make Christ known by leading every believer to become personally involved in reaching his/her lost world by: building friendships with people who do not know Christ, bringing them to outreach opportunities, sharing a verbal witness of Christ with them, and by giving generously to, praying faithfully for, and being personally involved in missions.

Our Beliefs…

Yes, Northview is a Baptist church. However, there is no such thing as a “creed” or “belief” or “philosophy” that we are required to accept. There is also no such thing as “The Baptist Church” as found in some other denominations. Every Baptist church is a stand alone church that chooses to cooperate with other like-minded Baptist churches in common efforts or projects usually related to missions. Since there is not a written official statement, there was an effort in 1963 to write down what most Baptist churches hold true and believe from Scripture. Having the Bible as our only written basis for our beliefs, some specific things were written to help others get a better perspective on some of the more common beliefs that Baptist churches share. Again, this is not a creed or a requirement for churches, yet we have found as the people of Northview, that these statements are very accurate and align with what we believe and teach as a church. The compilation of these beliefs is called The Baptist Faith and Message and can be explored further here.